3 Types of a conventional Chinese Dress

China traditional dress constitutes a perfect gift for buddies or family members on a holiday to China. This outfit is ideal to create just a little bit of the standard east home. Here are the traditional clothes styles in China:


The qipao is really a familiar type of traditional dress and features a form-fitting bodice and collar. It’s a lengthy-established indication of Chinese fashion using its elegant and lengthy valued design. The most typical fabric with this dress is silk, although other fabrics are easy to match a particular occasion or event. By putting on this kind of native dress you’ll be able to create a real statement.

Design for traditional dress is created in a number of styles. The most typical methods accustomed to produce the unique look include altering the fabric, style of the collar, and the size of the skirt.

If touring china on the getaway, there are many local tailor shops within the major metropolitan areas that are prepared to custom result in the outfit to complement the most well-liked style and look. The most well-liked choices range from the British-speaking tailors using the clothing market in places like Shanghai or Beijing.


The Hanfu is really a historic type of dress that’s been very prominent through the years in china. This outfit is mainly seen on women, but there’s additionally a version for males. This kind of dress is very distinct using its sleeves that billow out and silk cuffs. The size of the gown can achieve just over the knees with matching skirt or pants worn underneath. Additional features range from the mix collar and matching headgear, featuring its an easy headpiece for ladies along with a hat for males.

The Hanfu has witnessed lots of changes through the years with regards to its look. Other kinds of the traditional dress range from the Shenyi quite similar in design, however the skirt and tunic are stitched together to produce a single one-piece outfit. An additional style may be the Changpao, that is a different one-piece outfit having a dress that’s full-length.

Silk robes

An easy and classic choice is the standard Chinese robe. This sleek-searching robe is created entirely in silk to provide a really comfortable and lightweight bit of clothing. The style and look from the robe can differ with short or lengthy sleeves, multiple colors (shades of blue and red are most widely used) and lots are embroidered having a floral or similar motif.

Among the several interesting facts associated with qipao singapore, the best would be women of all sizes and shapes making the most of the dress. Women of all shapes and sizes could wear the dress, provided they have the right measurement. The dress could be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.