Most famous white and purple strains to be tried

Most of the cannabis strains that you find would be in green shades; however, of late, there are some lovely colours, like purple and white as well, attracting even the harshest cannabis critic. In this article, we are going to see a brief overview about purple strains and white strains, and some of the must-try types in each of them to give you the best marijuana experience ever.

Purple cannabis strains – what are they?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that these strains are the most attractive of all the cannabis strains available today. They have an exquisite purple shade to them that give you real joy when you smoke or grow them. In the earlier days, these strains used to get this colour when they were exposed to extremely cold climates. The purple was colour was also due to a set of pigment molecules known as anthocyanin found in the cannabis plants. However, today, with a lot of advancements in the breeding techniques, it is easier to breed purple cannabis strains even without exposure to the cold climates.

White cannabis strains – what are they?

These are hybrid seeds that were earlier known as Triangle. These strains are rich in a large number of white trichomes and are known for their flavourless and odourless nature. These buds are thick and flower quickly. They are known for giving a high degree of relaxation, calmness and other psychological emotions for smokers.

Some of the famous purple strains

Here, we are going to see some of the world-famous cannabis plants that produce exotic purple weed strains:

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) – With a beautiful appearance and exquisite aroma, this bud is one of the most-loved purple weed strains in the world for smoking and dabbing. It has Indica- dominance and its taste is almost like that of a grape or berry. The tetrahydrocannabinol in these strains is believed be in the range of 16 to 20%

Purple Haze – Almost all of the famous purple weed strains have Indica-dominance. The Purple Haze is the only which is a Sativa-dominated bud. It has been named this way because its parents were from the Haze strain category. With a beautiful lavender colour and a eye-catching appearance, these strains are enjoyed a lot by smokers.

Purple Kush – This beautiful bud comes from Indica-dominated strains and has a rare lavender-cum-green shade. The beauty of this bud is that it is a cross product between two of the rarest landrace strains in the world – Hindu Kush and Afghani.

Famous white weed strains

White Widow – This is one of the most famous and widely sought after white strains today. It is a hybrid breed created by crossing a South Indian Indica strain rich in resins and a Brazilian sativa landrace strain. You can see white resin covering the buds and it denotes the potency of these strains. When you smoke these, you get a sudden wave of energy and experience a sudden exhilaration.

Like all other cannabis strains, you have to choose whether you need white or purple varieties and check for the required THC levels before you use them.