Simplified Safety Tips before You Shop For Dog Toys

Dogs are smart creatures, and they are bred to please and work for humans. As a dog owner, you must consider every need of your pooch, which extends beyond food and grooming. Besides an hour of walk every morning and evening, your dog needs more human interaction. Also, if you are away at work for hours, you would want your beloved pooch to be busy with the right things. That’s where dog toys come in the picture. Designed specifically for this species, dog toys come in all sorts of designs, styles and varieties.

It’s important to understand that all toys are not meant for your dog. You have to consider his age, interests and breed specifications before shopping. Also, it’s essential to mull over his safety. Here are some of the quick tips and suggestions for help.

  • Be careful of smaller toys. Smaller stuffed and chewy toys are meant to keep your pooch engaged, but these are also easy to swallow. If you have a breed with a large mouth, do NOT buy extremely small toys.

  • Consider rope toys with care. Some dogs like to play tug of war, for which a rope toy might be handy. However, the thin strings or threads of the rope can get struck in teeth, which can lead to serious dental issues.
  • Don’t buy toys with bells. Some of these toys have amazingly cute tinkers and bells, which are cute to look at, but can be dangerous. Dogs, especially puppies, have a tendency to break and swallow smaller things.
  • Keep a check on raw hide toys. There’s no denying that most dogs love toys made of raw hide, and these can keep them busy for long hours. However, if you are not around, you might want to avoid smaller bones and treats made of raw ride, which can be easily swallowed.
  • Buy treats from known brands. If you want to shop for treats and edible dental toys, you should always stick to the known brands. You can check online to find good options that can also add to the dental health of your pooch.

Finally, do consider interactive toys with care. While these are meant to challenge your dog both physically and mentally, not all are safe. You can try options like ZippyPaws Dog Toy, which have got rave reviews from experts and dog owners alike. For some great deals and offers, check with online retailers.