Which Style Of Cycling Top Will Suit You?

When you are buying cycling clothes, there are lots of different styles that you can choose from. It is a matter of personal taste, so you should take some time to pick a cycling outfit which is perfect for you in every way. It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible when you are out riding, and your cycling top needs to feel like a second skin in order to achieve this effect.

Which style of cycling top is the right one for you to choose?

Loose Fitting

When you are riding down a mountain, you will want to have some air resistance to slow you down. This will reduce the risk of accidents and you will be able to control the bike better if the air is providing a “drag effect”. You will have much more time to react to danger when you are wearing loose fitting cycling jerseys.

You might also want to use loose fitting jerseys when you are cycling on the roads. This is useful when you are not particularly interested in setting a fast time. The jerseys can be unzipped to cool your body even faster as you are cycling.

Skin Tight

A skin tight cycling jersey is desirable if you are taking part in a time-trial or if you are racing around an indoor track. The skin-tight nature of the jersey will mean that there will not be much air resistance as you are cycling. You will be able to gain more speed than if you were wearing a loose fitting jersey. Try out different skin-tight jerseys to see which one allows you to travel the fastest.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves on your cycling jersey will help to keep you warm during the winter and when it is raining. You should look at several different types of jersey before you pick the one which has the best sleeves. Make sure that you buy a jersey which has sleeves that can be unzipped or rolled up easily.

Short Sleeves

Short sleeves are preferable when you are going for a long ride or when the heat of the sun is going to make you sweat a lot. You will be grateful for the cool air on your arms as you as pedalling quickly. You can even buy some cycling shirts which are completely sleeveless, which means that the top of your arms will not get too hot.

You can try out several different styles of short sleeves before you find the most suitable type to wear.

Winter Thickness

Riding in the winter means that you might be exposed to a lot of rain and cold weather. You can buy specialist winter jerseys that have an insulating layer whilst remaining breathable at the same time. You will feel extremely comfortable as you are riding, even if the temperature has dropped to single digits and it is raining heavily.

Inspect several different types of cycling shirt before you find one which is right for you.